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Liquor Connection

Liquor Supplier, alcohol delivery in Singapore

Liquor Connection is an alcoholic drinks retailer with the widest range of liquor at the best prices. Our express door-to-door delivery is hassle free, enabling you to enjoy a drink in the comfort of your own home or host an amazing party. Place your order now, and we will deliver your favourite alcoholic drinks straight to your house! Alternatively, you may choose to pick up your drinks from our store at Holiday Inn Hotel.

We also provide wholesale prices for large orders           

Call us for more information.

Types of occasions we cater for:

  @ Boat parties

  @ Birthdays Wedding

  @ Corporate networking sessions

  @ Product launches and shop opening

  @ Art exhibitions

  @ Wine & cheese evening

  @ Chalet & beach parties

@   Moet Champagne + FREE wine
@   5 Red wine + 5 White wine $250 (Save $110) 
@   Tequila - Free Grenaldine Syrup
       - Perfect for Tequila Sunrise Cocktail
@   Glenfiddich 18 years - Whiskey - FREE kenturky gentleman